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Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended
| Views: 4850 | Downloads: 378
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Size: 661.83 MiB
Category: Windows
Added by: silviuq12
Tags: cs4, Photoshop, Photo, edditing, Software, Shop, Adobe, extended

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Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended Cover

Installation Instructions
1) Disconnect from the internet. (I didn't and it worked just fine...)

2) Run the 'ADBEPHSPCS4.exe' and select a path to extract the setup files to e.g. 'Desktop'. (First you need to mount the
ISO image in a program like Daemon Tools... Then, inside the ISO you will find a 7-Zip archive that needs to be extracted. Download 7-Zip or WinRar to do this. Then all the installation and crack files will be visible...)

3) Once extracted open the path and run the 'Setup.exe' to begin installing. (Find where you extracted to and go for it...)

4) Install as a trial. (Yes, as a TRIAL...)

3) Finish installing and DO NOT register. (Seriously... DON'T register or this is all a waste of time...)

4) Run the 'Activation Blocker.bat' file in the Adobe CS4 Activation Patch folder (run as administrator in Vista).

5) Copy the amtlib.dll file in the Adobe CS4 Activation Patch folder over the exsisting one that has been installed. *****
You will need to replace either the 32 OR 64 bit .dlls. - NOT BOTH. *****

6) Run Photoshop and enter a serial number using the keygen in the Adobe CS4 Activation Patch folder.

7) ***** Trouble with the "License agreement/ end user license agreement"? Solved!*****

(Some people are finding that everytime they open Photoshop after installing, they are prompted to accept the program's
 EULA every time. This fix eliminates the EULA question from coming up.)

Rename "c:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS4\adobe_eula.dll" to something like "adobe_eula_123.dll" and you're homefree.


Viruses... THERE ARE NONE HERE. Virtually all Key-gens show up as suspected viruses in anti-virus software. This has been said thousands of times on this site yet people persist in crying like a baby when their AV software lights up like a Christmas tree. If you don't understand this basic fact, you should probably stop downloading torrents as they are obviously too complex for you.

Wanna know how I know there are no viruses??? When I downloaded the file AVG went nuts! It said there were four (yup four!) suspected Trojans in the file... Because Goldfish_92 isn't a retard, I trust his releases and went ahead and installed. After the install I burned the files to DVD in case I needed them again and deleted them from my hard drive. Once the install files were gone, AVG quit whining. If they had been REAL Trojans, my computer would be infected to fuck even after deleting the install files, but it isn't. That's because there are no viruses here...

I have since installed this version of CS4 on three other computers (two running different AV software). None of those systems is infected either.

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