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Mercenaries 2
| Views: 1499 | Downloads: 376
Rating: 5.0/1
Size: 4.3 GiB
Category: Action
Added by: shadowluc
Tags: Mercenaries 2 World in Flames

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Mercenaries 2 Cover

Full Game
Ripped - Nothing!
Multi-2: English,Russian
Minimum requirements: 1Gb Ram, SSE2, PS3, WinXP SP3 ..

Russian language Fix:

The story is about as deep as a Schwarzenegger flick, with Mattias
offering hilarious one-liners punctuated by his ridiculous accent. I
can't wait until they cast him as the next Mr. Freeze. You agree to do
a job for Ramon Solano -- an up-and-coming scumbag -- who shows his
gratitude by shooting you in the ass. What's a merc to do? Get revenge,
of course. And so you embark on a rather brief adventure to bring
Solano down. The big surprise twist is that there is no surprise twist.
That's the story and there are few story-driven cutscenes between the
beginning and ending. You're going to lay waste to Venezuela, there's
no time for plot.

Venezuela is in the midst of rebellion, with oil the central focus
of the conflict. The Venezuelan army is doing its best to maintain
control of the country, but there are a number of factions looking to
take control. You'll work with five different factions -- Universal
Petroleum, the People's Liberation Army of Venezuela, the Chinese army,
the Allied Nations (aka the US), and the Rastafarian Pirates. Each
faction has its own set of missions and each, in some way, will get you
closer to Solano. Of course, none of these guys get along and often a
mission in support of one faction involves doing harm to another.

There is a very simplistic dynamic between your merc and the
factions. Kill a faction's enemies and complete missions for them and
they start to like you. You'll be allowed to land at their outposts and
buy air support. Kill members of a faction or generally do them harm
and they will start to dislike you very quickly. They'll begin shooting
you on sight and will close their shop doors to you. These
relationships can be swayed very easily, so it's never much of a
burden. But, at the same time, it never feels as if you are really
playing one side against another. You're just completing missions until
one side is all dried up, then moving on to the next.

We Three Kings...
All these different factions means you will be running into a whole lot of different NPCs. Pandemic squanders a great opportunity to immerse gamers with unique and well-crafted dialogue. The dialogue for NPCs is absolutely abysmal and is handled about as poorly as I have seen in a videogame. "It's the merc!" a PLAV soldier cries out as you approach. He says this either as a cheer because you are on his side or because you are an enemy he wants to shoot. It's the same line, delivered again and again often out of context. And there are many lines shouted incorrectly. And all of them are repeated ad nauseam


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